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James Cameron's Avatar Na'vi Avatar Dr. Grace Augustine Action FigureHalo Series 1 Xbox Live Avatar Mini Figures Random 3-PACK
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James Camerons Avatar Navi Avatar Dr
Halo Series 1 Xbox Live Avatar Mini Figures
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James Cameron's Avatar - a great item from Mattel is indeed fascinating to play with! Among the many attributes for this toy is the na? vi character from james cameron? s new film avatar. Additional features include 4. 25" action figure and comes with an unique weapon or accessory. The Avatar toy is 8.5" Height x 7" Length x 2.33" Width. Shopping for James Cameron's Avatar .


Halo Series 1 Xbox Live Avatar Mini Figures from Mcfarlane Toys has to be your childs ultimate brand-new superhero toy doll. It has a weight of 0.25 lbs. For additional details on this Avatar toy, visit the shopping cart add to shopping cart button.

  • Includes exclusive character specific Webcam i-TAG to bring the battle scenes to 3-D life
  • 4. 25" Action Figure
  • Comes with a unique weapon or accessory
  • Accented with glow-in-the-dark bioluminescence
  • Na? vi character from James Cameron? s new film Avatar
  • Halo Avatars Series 1 may include the following figures: Master Chief, Carter, ODST, Flaming ODST Helmet and ODST T-Shirt, Green Operator Helmet and Reach T-Shirt, Elite Costume, rare Metallic Gold Master Chief, and very rare Warthog. Each avatar figure will come disassembled and randomly packaged in a small, Halo-themed plastic 'blind' capsule. The top and bottom of each cylinder can be removed, and each piece can be used as a display base.
  • Players can select from thousands of unique bodies, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories to create their own custom character. Since each avatar represents an individual gamer, players have a strong personal connection to their avatars. From Halo-themed t-shirts, to Spartan helmets, to full suits of character armor, gamers can make their avatars look like true Halo fans, or even characters from the Halo universe.
  • Like customizing your Xbox Avatar with Halo? Now you can bring those designs to life with these Halo Series 1 Xbox Live Avatar Mini Figures! This randomly picked 3-pack contains 3, individually blind-packaged mini-figures that stand approximately 2 1/2-inches tall.
  • Mimicking the same customization options available to online avatars, Mc Farlane Toys' avatar figures feature interchangeable heads, torsos, and legs. Halo fans can 'mix and match' pieces to create their custom avatar. In addition to characters and apparel, Halo Avatars also includes various 'prop' items such a Warthog and Banshee.
  • The tubes can even be connected, stacking to form a multi-level display. Avatar capsules are packed in a Halo-themed PDQ Box to maximize product space and for easy displaying. Ages 8 and up. First introduced in 2008, avatars are the online representation of a gamer's Xbox Live profile.
Manufacturer: MattelManufacturer: McFarlane Toys
Part Number:R2306Part Number:
Model: R2306Model:
MPN: R2306MPN:
Binding: ToyBinding: Toy
Min. Age: 72 monthsMin. Age: 156 months
Height: 8.5"Height:
Length: 7"Length:
Width: 2.33"Width:
Weight:Weight: 0.25 lbs.
Package Height: 1.65"Package Height: 1.9"
Package Length: 7.72"Package Length: 6.6"
Package Width: 7.64"Package Width: 2.5"
Package Weight: 0.49 lbs.Package Weight: 0.15 lbs.
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