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Warmachine Protectorate Avatar Heavy Warjack

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Warmachine Protectorate Avatar Heavy

Warmachine Protectorate Avatar Heavy , a great item from Privateer Press is in fact exciting to play with. It's dimensions are 2" Height x 7" Length x 4.5" Width and has a weight of 0.44 lbs. UPC# 875582001673. Online deals for Warmachine Protectorate Avatar Heavy . To take advantage of the low price I ran across, check out the shopping cart link on this page.

Privateer Press

MPN: 32035
UPS: 875582001673

The Avatar of Menoth is an imposing creation wielding a enormous Sulese blade wreathed with holy flames that pour forth from its prayer-emblazoned surface. |n||n|Consecrated to turn away blades, gunfire, and the arcane touch of heathen magic, the Avatars shield is actually a robust guardian rendering the holy warjacks form protected from harm. Miniatures come unpainted and unassembled in their original packaging. Books are in brand new condition.


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