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Gentle Giant Studios Avatar: Tsu'tey Navi Mini-bust

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Studios Avatar Tsutey Navi Minibust
Gentle Giant Studios Avatar Tsutey Navi Minibust Image 1

Studios Avatar: Tsu'tey from Gentle Giant Studios has to be your children's top new super hero miniature. I definitely liked that the toy has created from the films actual 3-d models. Additional features include things like a gentle giant sculpt, based on the hit james cameron film and includes certificate of authenticity. The Avatar toy dimensions are 3"H x 7"L x 5"W. It has a weight of 1.06 lbs. GG80043 is the model number for this item. If you need a great deal for this Avatar toy, check out our store add to shopping cart button.

Gentle Giant Studios

Model: FEB111653
UPS: 871810007790
Package Quantity: 1

A Gentle Giant Sculpt. This collectible comes numbered complete getting a Certificate of Authenticity. Cast in high high quality poly-stone this 7 inch mini-bust was developed from the actual films 3-D models and is hand-painted with an eerie luminescence. James Camerons blockbuster film Avatar is brought to life having a series of high-quality mini-busts. Set on the alien world Pandora and centered on paralyzed ex-Marine Jake Sully Avatar took audiences into a world beyond human imagination as it revealed both beautiful and deadly life-forms. Tsu Tey might be a valiant Navi warrior who fights bravely to shield his males and women and their home.


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