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James Cameron's Avatar Na'vi Avatar Dr. Grace Augustine Action Figure

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James Camerons Avatar Navi Avatar Dr

James Cameron's Avatar - a great item from Mattel is indeed fascinating to play with! Among the many attributes for this toy is the na? vi character from james cameron? s new film avatar. Additional features include 4. 25" action figure and comes with an unique weapon or accessory. The Avatar toy is 8.5" Height x 7" Length x 2.33" Width. Shopping for James Cameron's Avatar .


Model: R2306
UPS: 027084807363
Package Quantity: 1

Individually-detailed replica figures from the 2009 movie Avatar, an epic story of two civilizations. Earth, with it's mighty military, is on a quest for Pandora's precious minerals. The Na'Vi, beautiful 10-feet tall life forms and highly trained warriors, inhabit Pandora. Comes with an exclusive i-Tag for in-depth exploration of the mysterious planet of Pandora. 3. Collect all figures from the film! Each figure consists of a unique weapon accessory. 75-inch figures function full articulation. Each figure sold separately.


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