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Avatar Rda Military Grinder Vehicle

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Avatar Rda Military Grinder Vehicle

Amazing to play super heroes now with Avatar Rda Military Grinder Vehicle . One of the several key features is the comes with an exclusive i-tag for an in-depth exploration of pandora's wild world. Other highlights include things like built to hold all avatar action figures. The toy is 12"H x 12"L x 2.75"W. If you want a great deal on this Avatar toy for your children, visit the add to shopping cart button on this site.


Model: T3899
UPS: 027084899238
Package Quantity: 1

Intended for ages 6+, each Avatar Creature/Vehicle interacts with most 3 Â ¾ â € - 4 Â ¼ â € figures, and is accompanied by a character-specific i-tag. An articulated vehicle, the RDA Grinder features missile launchers, and seats one figure (sold separately ). Configured to navigate the versatile terrain of Pandora, the maneuverable, modestly-armored ATV Grinder, supporting and providing reconnaissance for the RDA â € TMs military operations, is equipped with rear-situated long-range, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles, in addition to a forward-situated chain gun for medium to brief range engagements. The Grinder is specifically advantageous in hit-and-run attacks against Na â € TMvi parties and Viperwolf packs.


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