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Avatar Na'vi Tsu Tey Action Figure

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Avatar Navi Tsu Tey Action Figure
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Avatar Na'vi Tsu Tey Action Figure will probably be your child's top new superhero doll. I really liked that the item has the feature of includes exclusive character specific webcam i-tag to bring the battle scenes to 3-d life. Other features include things like comes with an unique weapon or accessory and 4. 25" action figure. The Avatar toy dimensions are 8.5"H x 7"L x 2.33"W. Avatar Na'vi Tsu Tey Action Figure . To get this product now at the cheapest price, check out the link on this page.


Model: R8829
UPS: 027084807363

Na'vi Tsu Tey action figure a Na'vi character in the James Cameron film, Avatar. A respected Na'vi hunter and warrior for the Omaticaya is famed amongst various Na'vi clans for his bow work atop a banshee. 75"action figure has exciting details, amazing accuracy and contains a unique weapon or accessory. His surliness does not detract from his profound courage and all-natural leadership. Accented with glow-in-the-dark bioluminescence. Also includes character certain Webcam i-TAG to bring the thrilling battle scenes to 3-D life. Clan Position: Lead warrior and hunter, apprentice Olo'eyctan or male clan leader. Each 3. Skills: Hunting, expertise in all manner of Na'vi weaponry, including challenge weapon, and masterful direhorse and Banshee rider. In the land of Pandora, everything natural glows within the dark inducing the wild and fierce Na'vi creatures.


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