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Avatar Na'vi Tsu Tey Action Figure

Reviews Rating 4
Avatar Navi Tsu Tey Action Figure
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Among the list of best features for this item is the accented with glow-in-the-dark bioluminescence. Other highlights include things like comes with an unique weapon or accessory and 4. 25-inch action figure. It's dimensions are 8.5" Height x 7" Length x 2.33" Width. The barcode for this item is 027084899160. The Avatar toy comes with a warranty of y from Mattel. For more information about this toy, check out the market link below.


Model: T3892
UPS: 027084899160
Package Quantity: 1

This respected Na'vi hunter and warrior for the Omaticaya is famed amongst various Na'vi clans for his bow work atop a banshee. His surliness does not detract from his profound courage and natural leadership. Clan Position: Lead warrior and hunter. Apprentice Olo'eyctan or"male clan leader."Skills: Hunting. Masterful direhorse and banshee rider. Expertise in all manner of Na'vi weaponry, including challenge weapon.


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